Cruises & Navigations

Amazing sites can be explored beyond the shores of Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. Traveling on board expedition-style ships, ferries or Yates you can discover remote fjords, islands and massive glaciers.

Day Tour

Torres del Paine National Park I Chile

Navigation Rio Serrano, from US$269 pp

Navigation I Glaciers


Ushuaia I Punta Arenas I Argentina I Chile

Cruceros Australis from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas, from US$1.189 pp

Navigation I Glaciers I Flora & Fauna


Patagonia I Chile

Cruise Skorpios III, from US$2.000 pp

Navigation I Glaciers


Lake District I Chile

Yate Alba

Navigation (charter) I Flora & Fauna I Hot Springs


Antarctica I Chile I Argentina

Antarctica Cruise with Antarctica XXI

Once-in-a-lifetime I Navigation