Horseback Riding Easter Island Chile

Horseback Riding

A different and great way to get to know Easter Island Chile is on horseback. Distances between points of interest are relatively small and just outside of Hanga Roa we can find a variety of interesting places to discover. On this tour we will escape into Easter Island’s remote nature, for a relaxing and enjoyable time.

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Explore Easter Island Chile from a different perspective: on horseback.

Enjoy incredible views of the Ocean.

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itinerary & includes

Day 1: Horseback Riding Tour to Tahai & Ahu Akivi on Easter Island

Included in this tour:

Private tour with guide.

Initially we will be transported from our hotel to the horses where we will commence our tour to explore the south of Easter Island Chile. Our first stop will be the Tahai Ceremonial Complex comprised of three principal ahu restored in 1974. Afterwards we will continue our tour enjoying incredible views of the Pacific Ocean as we realize the true remoteness of our location. Along the way we will stop at one of the shoreline caves that offer picturesque views. Last but not least after about an hour horseback ride we will arrive to a sacred place known as Ahu Akivi. This site has seven moai, all of equal shape and size and is located inland, rather than along the coast. After exploring these amazing sites of Easter Island Chile and little rest and relaxation we will return back to our starting point.

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